Graphic Designer with a penchant for Interface and UX Design by day, gamer and artist by night. 
My interest in the web goes all the way back to my Myspace days where I taught myself, much like the rest of my peers, how to manipulate HTML to create cool layouts. I always went a bit far in removing all of the widgets and rebuilding my pages from scratch. A site called vampirefreaks allowed me even more freedom in this regard and I constantly changed up my page on that site. I was always searching for new code and learning new ways to make my page look better. I miss that about current social media. There's no real customization anymore; everything is very static and boring and I miss the chaotic customization that used to be so prevalent on the internet in regards to social media.
In my personal spare time, I enjoy gaming, drawing, writing, D&D, and cosplay. FFXIV is the game I play the most in my spare time, but I enjoy other titles such as Assassin's Creed, Animal Crossing, and tons of other titles. I frequently draw my own original characters, whether they be from the D&D games I play in, or from my own original novel. A lot of my hobbies involve creating, and video games are what I do to take a break from that so I don't get burnt out.
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