My chosen typeface for this project was Caudex, created by Hjort Nidudsson in the 90's. The text used to display the typeface was of our own choosing, so I picked the song Celtos by Eluvietie, a Swiss folk metal band. I wanted to really evoke that Celtic feel with this project and even had it printed on special paper that I bound with a Japanese stab binding method. All the patterns used, I created using glyphs available within the font. On the sixth page, I transliterated the second stanza of the first verse into the Eastern Greek Alphabet. I found it incredibly interesting that the font had this option available and since the language the song uses, Gaulish, is largely written in the Greek Alphabet, I thought it best to showcase this as well. This is the project that really shifted my interest toward Publication Design, and ultimately toward Web Design. 

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