I lovingly call this my "Hemingway Fish". Based on a Spanish pharmaceutical poster from the 1960's, we were challenged to create an experimental web layout to push the boundaries of what websites could be. The goal was to create a landing page for Ernest Hemingway's website, while using the existing layout, colours, textures, and overall feel of the existing poster. The artwork was drawn using Procreate, while the texture and text was added after using Photoshop. I had a lot of fun with this project; it was the first in which I really utilized Procreate outside of sketches. The web has become very static in how websites present themselves, with some obvious variation between industries, so this was a very fun project to work on, as it was very unconventional and different.
The original inspiration, posted on Voices of East Anglia, and taken from Spanish magazines "Clinica Rural" and "Gloss".

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