The parameters of this website was to redesign the homepage for both desktop and mobile, as well as a subpage of our choosing. I chose to work on their permits page. I really enjoyed making this wireframe. It was nice not having to yet worry about the photos or the colours- prior to this I was approaching web design from a pure graphic design standpoint. Meaning that I was already thinking about the colours, photos, etc. without truly thinking about the layout and how everything should fall into place. Or rather, I was thinking about layout and design all at once. This project taught me the value of wireframing, something that I before thought was just a waste of time (prior to this I had assumed, incorrectly, that wireframes were FAR more simplified than is shown below). Now I really enjoy creating them, and I'm currently working on a wireframe for my own website. I am currently using Adobe Portfolio, but I'm in the midst of creating my own website from scratch. 

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